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Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik recorded less than 50 thousand passengers!

The three busiest Croatian airports, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, published their statistics for January 2021.

The monthly statistics of Croatian airports for January 2021 have been published. Numbers are still going down, which is not surprising given that in January 2020 we were still able to travel normally.

In January 2020, Zagreb Airport recorded 203,035 passengers. In the first month of this year, only 38,063 passengers passed through the airport, marking drop of 81.25%. In order to clearly show how much this crisis has affected air traffic, Zagreb Airport is also the busiest Croatian airport at the moment!

Split Airport had 36,741 passengers in January last year, and 7,753 this January! This is a decrease compared to the previous January of 78.90%.

Dubrovnik Airport is also experiencing a significant decline. In January 2020, 19,338 passengers passed through this airport, this year only 3,729! Dubrovnik records a drop of 80.72%!

In total, only 49,545 passengers passed through the three traditionally busiest Croatian airports in January 2021 (259,114 in January 2020), which represents a drop in traffic of 80% compared to last January. It is expected that the decline in traffic will continue in February and March, and then the figures, if epidemiological measures allow, should start to slightly grow.

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