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Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik record lowest March

Three busiest airports in Croatia recorded the lowest passenger figures this March. Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb together handled 133 009 passengers in the whole month. Just for example, Zagreb handled 232 978 passengers back in March 2019.


The situation with coronavirus in the world forced airlines to ground their planes and close airport doors. The number of passengers at Zagreb Airport decreased in comparison with the same month last year for 58%! Last year in March, Zagreb handled almost 233 000 passengers, this year not even 100 000, the exact number is 97 063! This is the worst March since 2005.

Numbers in April are expected to be even worse. April is usually much busier month than March since it's the start of summer timetable and many seasonal routes are usually active at this time. Right now, there is a huge possibility that the airport will be closed for commercial traffic soon since Croatia Airlines decided to suspend regular flights to/from Amsterdam and London. Actually, it looks like the only route which will be active from the next week is Zagreb-Frankfurt but the situation is changing daily so we will keep you updated. Here is Zagreb's March graph from 2011. until 2020. The huge drop is more than obvious.

Split Airport served 50 037 passengers in March last year. This year, this beautiful coastal airport served only 16 466 passengers. We tried to check statistics for the Split Airport as further as we could, but we couldn't find any March with similar traffic figures. The airport is now without any commercial flights, domestic flights are canceled by government directions, but due to travel restrictions and demand which almost does not exist other airlines also canceled flights to and from Split for now. Numbers in April should be even worse since situation is not getting better and many airlines grounded their entire fleet for the upcoming period. Here you can see monthly graph (March) for Split from 2011. until 2020.

As we wrote before, Dubrovnik Airport is closed for traffic since March 19th, and it will stay closed until April 15th if there will be no any changes. Due to airport closure no one expected good news in terms of number of passengers in Dubrovnik Airport. Dubrovnik actually handled 19 480 passengers in the first 19th days of March, after that date airport was open only for medical and military flights. Year before, there were 57 880 passengers...

Other airports in Croatia; Pula, Zadar, Rijeka and Osijek didn't have any significant traffic in the previous month. Pula and Zadar were connected with Zagreb with domestic daily flights operated by Croatia Airlines but those were also suspended in one moment. Trade Air flew to Rijeka, Osijek and Pula (besides Split and Dubrovnik) following PSO rules, meanwhile 5-years period of Croatian PSO expired so those flights will not operate until the new contract is sign.

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