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Zagreb Airport introduced rapid tests for passengers travelling to Amsterdam

From January 23rd 2021, due to the restrictions of Dutch government for entering the Netherlands, rapid antigen testing for passengers on a flight to Amsterdam is possible at Franjo Tuđman Airport.


The test point is located on the 2nd floor of the passenger terminal and will be open from 5:00 AM until the closing of the flight to Amsterdam. Passengers are asked to print out (if possible), fill out the form and take it to airport before testing, in order to speed up the whole process. You can download the form HERE.

Passengers bear the cost of test and pay it at the test site in cash or by credit card. The amount of 250,00 HRK shall be paid (33 EUR). Testing is performed by the private polyclinic named Labplus from Zagreb.

from January 23rd to travel to the Netherlands it is necessary to have a negative result on COVID-19, but the test is needed even for passengers in transit, those who travel via Amsterdam to their final destinations around Europe and the world.

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