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(YOUR EXPERIENCE) EasyJet flight from Gatwick to Split during COVID19

The Croatian Aviation editorial office received an email from a passenger who arrived yesterday, September 3rd, from London (Gatwick Airport) in Split Airport, Croatia. Here's a look at the procedure at the airports and the flight itself.

Our interlocutor is a Croatian citizen with a permanent address in London. This summer, despite the pandemic and restrictions, she decided to spend her vacation on our coast. She travelled to Split this August, and returned to London before the introduction of compulsory self-isolation rule for passengers arriving to the UK from Croatia.

The gloomy weather and distancing measures in Great Britain forced her to take another short vacation in Croatia, now during September, even the self-isolation after coming back home from Croatia was not the reason to cancel this trip. She landed at Split Airport yesterday on EasyJet flight U28397 at 1:50 p.m.

All services at Gatwick Airport are working, the same like before the pandemic, the only difference is obligation to wear a mask from the entrance to the airport terminal. Our passenger notes that this airport was full just two weeks ago (when she flew from Split to London), while now the terminal was quite empty.

The only difference in the procedures at the airport, in addition to wearing a mask, relates to the boarding, namely, boarding procedure no longer works as before. Passengers are going into the cabin in very small groups (up to 10 people) to ensure recommended distance between passengers.

The flight to Split was pleasant, wearing a mask is mandatory during the whole flight, there were just 15 passengers on the plane. A 14-year-old A319 (registered as G-EZBA) with a capacity of 156 passengers was operating yesterday on this route.

Load Factor on yesterday flight from London Gatwick to Split Airport was only 9,6%

We asked our interlocutor if she felt safe flying in this period of the pandemic, given that passengers are very skeptical about the safety of air travel and the possibility of spreading the virus during the flight, we received an affirmative answer.

"Everything was okay, I felt really safe by keeping the distance, wearing a mask...planes are even equipped with air filters so I don't see any problem"

Upon arrival at Split Airport, she filled out a questionnaire and registered to enter Croatia. Before returning to the UK, she is also required to complete the form 48 hours before the start of her journey.

Considering that a mandatory measure of self-isolation awaits her upon her return to London, we asked her how she decided, for the second time this season, to come on holiday to Croatia, especially after the introduction of the mentioned measure.

"It was more important for me to take the opportunity and come on vacation once again. The weather in Croatia is great, there are no crowds and there is no fear of the virus. Self-isolation after returning to the UK is not a problem for me since I currently work from home."

We concluded the conversation by wishing this passenger a pleasant holiday in Croatia and a flight back to Great Britain. If you would like to share your travel experience with our readers, contact us at

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