Windrose Airlines cuts Zagreb service

Due to new epidemiological measures, Windrose Airlines canceled certain departures on the Kyiv - Zagreb - Kyiv route.

Photo: Vedran Glavan

Due to the fact that the entry of foreign nationals into the Republic of Croatia is limited after the last epidemiological measures which are now in place, Windrose Airlines canceled certain flights to Zagreb in December.

Windrose will not fly on the Kyiv - Zagreb - Kyiv route on December 6th and 9th (Wednesday and Sunday), and the normal operations on this route should re-start from December 13th. The company leaves the possibility of additional flight cancellations, which will primarily depend on border measures and decisions of the national authorities related to entry of foreign nationals into the Republic of Croatia.

The company sees great potential on flights to Zagreb. In the second month of operations, Despite to current situation, Windrose Airlines recorded high cabin occupancy.

The company was scheduled to introduce an additional, third flight a week on this route, beginning from December (flights on Fridays), until the end of the winter flight schedule. Windrose Airlines confirmed for Croatian Aviation that the reason for not introducing this additional flights on Fridays is the result of the previously mentioned epidemiological measures and restrictions at the borders that directly affect booking on this route. The route will continue to operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Windrose Airlines intends to increase the number of weekly flights to Zagreb in the summer flight schedule in 2021, if epidemiological situation will be better and if there will be no restrictions on international travel to or from Croatia. Confirmation of the potential of this route lies in the excellent Load Factor in October and very good in November, especially at a time when international travel are kept to minimum.