Will we be able to travel to Thailand this winter?

Long-distance travel has become more and more accessible, every year more and more Croats go on holidays in the middle of winter season. One of the most visited countries is Thailand, its islands and, of course, the capital Bangkok. Will anyone travel to Thailand this winter? Probably not, here are the reasons why.

The global pandemic has not bypassed Thailand, since April this country has been closed to foreign tourists and the pandemic, just like everywhere else in the world, has affected the national economy. But the real problems will follow in the coming months, given that the top season is just about to begin there, in the period from October to March this country is visited by millions of tourists (almost 40 million tourists in 2019).

More and more Croats travel to this destination, primarily because of the natural beauty, relatively affordable accommodation, but also because of the affordable airline tickets that companies offer to destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Hat Yai...

Last winter, it was possible to reach Thailand with one stop with Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and FlyDubai, other options were available as well, via Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and other airports in Europe. However, the journey with the first three mentioned airlines was cheaper and faster, and most of citizens used the services of these airlines.

We will not write about the beauties of Thailand, we were there last winter and we can only say that if there was no global pandemic we would probably go on a "vacation" again in December in this beautiful country, now the planning of that trip is postponed for some better times.

Certain number of passengers, despite the pandemic, still want to travel to distant destinations this winter, but Thailand will certainly not be an option for them. Although the number of infected in that country is extremely small, local authorities have decided to apply a radical regime and it is unlikely that Thailand will be full of tourists this winter.

Namely, the plan is to open the island of Phuket for foreign tourists who will have to come to Thailand with a negative test. After landing at the airport, the guest goes to a hotel where he spends the next 14 days in quarantine in his room. Great vacation, right? If after two weeks of quarantine the guest wants to travel from Phuket to Bangkok, upon arrival in the capital you will have to be tested again and spend another 7 days in quarantine. After that you are free to explore Bangkok (travel to another region involves re-testing and 7-day quarantine).

Given that tourists mostly spend about 2 (max. 3) weeks in Thailand, it makes no sense to travel there this year where you would need to spent at least 2 weeks in the hotel room.

Also, Qatar Airways is now continuously canceling flights to Zagreb Airport, Turkish Airlines is operating just 4 flights per week (last winter 14 per week), FlyDubai will probably not fly to Zagreb in this winter season which means there won't be much travel choice and Croats will not travel to Thailand this winter.