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Vueling to suspend flights to Croatia until end of this month

The Spanish low-cost airline will soon stop regular service on the routes from Rome and Barcelona to its destinations in Croatia. Although the company has announced two flights a week on most of its routes throughout September, this will not happen.

In this year's summer flight schedule, Vueling operates regular flights to three Croatian airports; Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb Airport. While the routes to Dubrovnik and Split started operating much earlier, the operations to Zagreb resumed just a month ago.

Vueling's route from Barcelona to Zagreb is also the only direct connection between these two cities and operates just once per week. It will remain so until the end of this month, the last flight on this route has been scheduled for Saturday, September 26th. After that date, there will be no direct flight option between Barcelona and Zagreb. Vueling started this route quite late and with a minimum weekly frequency, and it will not operate on it in October, which was quite normal before.

The Barcelona - Dubrovnik route remains in traffic twice per week throughout September, every Tuesday and Sunday, until September 29th. The company is currently offering flights in October, but it is likely that those flights will be canceled due to the low demand.

The second Vueling route to Dubrovnik, Rome - Dubrovnik, was also scheduled to operate twice per week in September, but the company canceled one flight a week throughout the month, so aircraft on this route operates only on Sundays. The last flight of this season has been scheduled for Sunday, September 20th.

There are also some changes on the Barcelona - Split route. Namely, this route was scheduled throughout September twice per week, every Tuesday and Saturday, but the company canceled certain departures on this route as well (Tuesday, 15.09., Saturday, 26.09.). Further reductions are also possible, and primarily depend on the booking status. The last flight is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th.

The Rome - Split route should also run until September 29th, twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday. One departure on this route has been canceled for now (Tuesday, September 22nd).

At the end of September, Vueling will finish with regular operations towards Croatia for this summer season. Croatia Airlines continues to operate to Rome, so the option of direct flight is still possible from Split Airport, while passengers from Zagreb will have one stopover on the way to Rome Airport.

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