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Volotea keeps on operating charter flights to Rijeka

Spanish airline company Volotea started to operate charter flights to Rijeka in September this year. They will keep on flying to Rijeka until the end of October.

Photo: Rijeka Airport/FB

On the 23rd of September, Volotea had its first flight to Rijeka. On a weekly basis, every Wednesday, airplanes are flying from German and French cities to Rijeka: Paderborn (23.09.), Lubeck (30.09.), Dortmund (14.10.) and Strasbourg (21.10). This is the first time that Volotea is operating charter flights to Rijeka.

Volotea charter flights to Rijeka, photo:

This Wednesday, on the 30th of September, except for A319 operated by Volotea, there was 9A-BTI owned by Trade Air. This aircraft came to Rijeka from Ljubljana earlier that morning in order to pick up NK Rijeka football players and to transfer them to Copenhagen, so that they can play their UEFA Europe League match.

NK Rijeka managed to qualify to an additional group stage of the UEFA Europe League, so we are pretty sure that there will be interesting inbound flights based on the teams that NK Rijeka will play with. This is definitely a good news, because every particular flight during Autumn and Winter will be crucial for every particular Airport in Croatia, including Rijeka Airport.

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