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Until today, Zadar Airport welcomed over 90 thousand passengers

Zadar Airport is one more airport among others which is recording a huge decline in terms of handled passengers.There was no traffic in April and May, but the number of passengers has been growing steadily since June. Despite the pandemic, the project of extending the runway is running according to the plan.

Photo: Zadar Airport/FB

Zadar Airport had no passengers in April and May, but figures have been rising steadily since June. In June, almost 3 thousand passengers passed through this airport, in July over 33 thousand, and August is currently at almost 43 thousand passengers! A total of 90,959 passengers passed through Zadar Airport from January 1st until today, which is only 13% of the traffic compared to the same period last year (562,251 from 2019).

Until today, Zadar Airport has accepted and handled 1806 aircraft, while last year in the same period there were 3868 aircraft. It should be noted that the number of scheduled flights is significantly lower, while the number of business aircraft remained almost at the same level as last year, which is in line with expectations, given that the current crisis did not significantly affect business aviation.

Regular commercial traffic will continue in September, Zadar will be connected to 20 European destinations.

The map of destinations from Zadar Airport in September 2020., photo:

The busiest day for this airport in September will be Saturday, when there should be around 35 landings and takeoffs in one day. 9 airlines will continue to operate regular flights to Zadar in September: Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet, Eurowings, Transavia, LOT, Lufthansa and Luxair.

As confirmed by the spokesman of Zadar Airport, Mr. Barać, the preparation of project documentation for the extension of the runway 13-31 of Zadar Airport is underway and is proceeding smoothly in relation to the circumstances related to the pandemic.

Geomechanical tests are currently underway and in accordance with the contractual obligations, we expect that by December this year the preparation of project documentation related to the extension of the runway 13-31 and associated taxiways will be completed and submitted for a relevant permit.

There were big plans for Zadar Airport this summer season, but they were postponed due to the outbreak of a pandemic. As a reminder, Ryanair's partner company, Lauda, ​​planned to base A320 aircraft at this airport and connect it with a large number of European destinations. Unfortunately, this plan did not materialize, but we hope it will be activated in the summer season of 2021.

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