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(UNITED and DELTA) From this Friday Dubrovnik connected with NYC!

Two US carriers, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, are launching their seasonal routes from New York to Dubrovnik this upcoming weekend!

As we first announced a bit over two months ago, two globally known US airlines are introducing regular flights from New York to Dubrovnik at the end of the week.

We have already written about the importance of this routes for Dubrovnik tourism, airport positioning and potential new routes from the USA to Croatia, you can find that article in our recent posts.

United Airlines inaugural flight

The first, inaugural flight of United Airlines will take off on Thursday, July 1st, at 7:20 PM local time from Newark Airport, New Jersey, and will land in Dubrovnik the next day, Friday, July 2nd, at 10:15 AM Croatian time. The first flight, like all others scheduled for this summer season, will be operated by United B767-300 aircraft.

It's interesting that the first return flight from Dubrovnik to Newark United Airlines will operate a day later, on July 3rd, so the plane will spend the night in Dubrovnik. Departure is scheduled for Saturday at 11:20 PM, Dubrovnik time.

Delta Air Lines inaugural flight

Delta Air Lines will perform the inaugural flight to Dubrovnik a day later. Namely, the B767-300 aircraft of this airline will take off from New York (John F. Kennedy Airport) on Friday, July 2nd at 08:00 PM local time, while the landing in Dubrovnik is scheduled at 11:15 AM the next day.

Delta Air Lines will make a return flight to New York on the same day, so two American wide-body aircraft will be at Dubrovnik Airport at the same time at the very beginning of operations. Departure from Dubrovnik for JFK is scheduled for Saturday at 1:30 PM.

In response to our inquiry, the two mentioned airlines expressed satisfaction with the current booking on their new routes to Dubrovnik, noting that the first flights are almost completely sold out from New York to Dubrovnik.

As a reminder, from this Friday until the beginning of September, two airlines will directly connect the two airports that serve the planet-popular New York City (Newark and John F. Kennedy) with Dubrovnik Airport with direct flights 8 times a week!

Two new routes from New York to Dubrovnik can certainly be considered the aviation breaking news of the year here in Croatia. We will publish separate articles with exact load factor on flights on Friday and Saturday, when the first United and Delta airplanes touch the runway of Dubrovnik Airport!

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