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Turkish Airlines to reduce the number of weekly operations to Zagreb

The Turkish national airline will offer less weekly flights between Zagreb and Istanbul in May compared to April.

In April, Turkish Airlines offered up to 9 flights a week on a direct route between Zagreb and Istanbul. However, the company is reducing the number of weekly operations between the two mentioned cities during May, up to five flights a week are available.

The company offered more flights on this route in early April, two flights a day were available three days a week, obviously counting on increased demand around the Easter holidays. However, the number of operations in May will not be so high. From May 1st Turkish Airlines will reduce the number of operations to five flights a week and will operate B737-800 aircraft and A320 family aircraft.

Direct flights between Istanbul and Zagreb in May will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, noting that flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are scheduled in the morning, and on Mondays and Thursdays in the evening.

No flights confirmation for Dubrovnik

The second route of Turkish Airlines in Croatia is the one to Dubrovnik, TK started operations to Dubrovnik back in 2016. The company held a meeting with representatives of Dubrovnik Tourist Board in January this year on the topic of re-establishing a direct route between Istanbul and Dubrovnik, which has been suspended since the outbreak of the global pandemic. It is currently possible to book a flight on this route for the beginning of June, however, there is big possibility that those flights will be canceled.

It remains to be seen if Turkish Airlines will return to Dubrovnik, but Zagreb as the destination should not be questioned at all. In fact, during the peak season, depending on travel restrictions, we can expect daily flights to the Croatian capital.

In the wider region, this well-known airline plans to operate in May to Ljubljana (3 times a week), Budapest (7 flights a week), Vienna (14 times a week), Belgrade (11 times a week), Sarajevo (8 times a week), Podgorica (9 times a week), Pristina (5 times a week), Skopje (5 times a week) and Venice (7 times a week).

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