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Turkish Airlines postponed Dubrovnik service

Turkish national airline had open booking on the Istanbul - Dubrovnik route at one moment for the flights in August this year, those flights are not bookable anymore.

Turkish Airlines resumed flights on the Istanbul - Zagreb route from the beginning of July, the airline is now flying on this route 5 times per week (instead of double-daily flights before the outbreak of pandemic).

The second destination in Croatia is Dubrovnik, the route is operating on year-round base, during the winter month with less weekly frequencies than during the summer. In summer 2018. TK operated 11 weekly flights between Dubrovnik and Istanbul!

Turkish Airlines suspended all flights on this route in the moment when the pandemic situation had a peak in the Europe, and did not resume flights on this route until now. The airline postponed flight resumption date on this route few times until now, so there is a big chance that TK will not come back soon to Dubrovnik Airport.

Direct flights are open for booking from the beginning of September now (September 1st), but as it was case with Emirates which yesterday canceled all flights on the Dubai - Zagreb route, there is possibility that Turkish Airlines will do the same with Istanbul - Dubrovnik route.

We will continue to monitor situation and publish any changes from this airline, regarding Dubrovnik and Zagreb service.

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