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TUI UK will not come back to Croatia in this summer season

TUI UK, very important airline which flies to 4 croatian airports during the summer season, Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka and Pula, will not resume flights to its destinations in our country during this summer season.

Due to the pandemic situation, the airline grounded whole fleet and canceled many routes in its network, including destinations in Croatia.

TUI will not fly on 8 routes to Dubrovnik Airport:

  • London (Gatwick) - Dubrovnik,

  • Cardiff - Dubrovnik,

  • Glasgow - Dubrovnik,

  • Manchester - Dubrovnik,

  • Birmingham - Dubrovnik,

  • Bristol - Dubrovnik

  • Sheffield - Dubrovnik,

  • East Midlands - Dubrovnik.

It is also important to mention that all routes had one or two weekly flights, mostly carrying tourists on vacation to Croatia (hotel packages or cruisers). The airline used widebody aircraft to Dubrovnik as well, mostly B787-8 or larger B787-9 aircraft.

3 routes are canceled in Split Airport:

  • London (Gatwick) - Split,

  • Birmingham - Split,

  • Manchester - Split.

Pula Airport is without 6 TUI's flights:

London (Gatwick) - Pula,

Birmingham - Pula,

Bristol - Pula,

Sheffield - Pula,

East Midlands - Pula,

Manchester - Pula.

TUI used widebody aircraft (mostly B787-8) to Pula Airport as well. The only route to Rijeka (London - Rijeka) is also canceled for entire season.

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