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Transavia to suspend routes to Croatia

Transavia, the low-budget airline from Air France - KLM group, published its schedule for September. Almost all routes to Croatia will be canceled during the next month.

Transavia resumed regular operations early after opening the borders between Croatia and other countries from where this airline operate regular flights. The airline resumed flights to every airport in Croatia where company normally flies to, but with reduced number of weekly flights and routes.

Transavia will continue to fly to 5 airports in Croatia (Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik) during the September as well, but many routes will stop operating during the next month.

Flights to Split Airport

The Split - Paris Orly route will continue to operate 3 times per week (every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). Flights are at this moment schedule for October as well.

On September 19th there will be last flight on Split - Rotterdam route. The route will be active until mentioned date two times per week (every Monday and Saturday).

Flights to Dubrovnik Airport

The Dubrovnik - Nantes route will continue to operate once per week during the September (every Saturday), and flights are scheduled for October as well.

However, Transavia will stop operating to Dubrovnik from Paris and Rotterdam. The Dubrovnik - Paris Orly route will be active until September 26th with 3 weekly flights (every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). On September 19th there will be last flight on Dubrovnik - Rotterdam route. Until mentioned date flights will be running two times per week (every Tuesday and Saturday).

Flights to Zadar, Rijeka and Pula Airport

The Zadar - Rotterdam route will be active until September 19th two times per week (every Wednesday and Saturday), while flights on Pula - Rotterdam route will be in service until September 20th, also two times per week (every Thursday and Sunday). On the same date Transavia will have last flight on Rijeka - Eindhoven route which will operate twice per week until that date (flights every Thursday and Sunday).

The airline will stop operating those routes earlier than last year. During the summer season 2019. Transavia operated seasonal routes to Croatia until end of October.

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