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Traffic at Croatian airports on the last Sunday in November

Although winter has not yet arrived on the calendar, the winter flight schedule came into force and brought with it a reduced flight schedule at Croatian airports. Traffic at Croatian airports in the last week of November, i.e. the first week since the introduction of new more restrictive measures in the Republic of Croatia regarding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, was very weak. Reductions in the flight schedule are visible in all Croatian airports.

photo: Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX

Zagreb Airport was again the busiest Croatian airport this week with 22 operations of commercial passenger aircraft. Of the announced incoming flights, 2 flights were canceled, 1 flight of Croatia Airlines with departure from Dubrovnik and one flight of Lufthansa with departure from Frankfurt. It is not known for what reason Zagreb Airport displays these flights on its website, given that they were canceled until the spring of next year. Also, 1 departure flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik was canceled. Other flights were performed in accordance with the announced flight schedule.

Destinations from Zagreb, photo:

Croatia Airlines performed the most flights to and from Zagreb Airport, as many as 16 air operations. From domestic destinations, Croatia Airlines flew 3 times to Dubrovnik and Split and once to Pula via Zadar. Frankfurt was the foreign destination with the most outbound and inbound flights of the domestic airline, namely 3 inbound and 3 outbound flights. From other foreign destinations, Croatia Airlines also operated to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Zurich and Brussels.

Among the foreign airlines operating to Zagreb were Turkish, Windrose, Lufthansa, Eurowings and KLM. They connected Zagreb with Istanbul, Kiev, Munich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Cologne.

Destinations from all other Croatian airports on this Sunday, photo: greatcirclemap.comt

Split Airport recorded 4 departures and 4 arrivals this Sunday. Split had the most flights to and from Zagreb, i.e. 3 outbound and 3 inbound flights. Along with Zagreb, Split is the only airport in Croatia that was connected to a foreign destination this Sunday. Namely, Croatia Airlines connected Split with Rome.

What can delight all passengers who use Split Airport is the announcement that traffic in Split will intensify in about a month. As we have already written, flights to Amsterdam that will be operated by KLM and flights to Zurich that will be operated by Edelweiss are announced.

KLM to introduce the Amsterdam - Split route during Christmas holidays

Edelweiss in December and January connects Zurich and Split!

This week, Dubrovnik Airport was connected only with Zagreb via regular passenger lines. Namely, on the route Dubrovnik - Zagreb, Croatia Airlines performed 3 outgoing and 3 incoming flights. Also, 1 departure and 1 arrival flight to Zagreb that was announced was canceled and that flight was to be operated by Croatia Airlines.

In accordance with the announcements and the available flight schedule, in the coming winter period Dubrovnik will be connected exclusively with domestic destinations via regular routes of the national carrier and Trade Air.

It should be noted that this week Zadar and Pula had one flight, and that was the domestic flight Croatia Airlines, OU674 Zagreb - Zadar - Pula - Zagreb, aircraft type Dash Q400. Rijeka, Osijek and Brač were without regular traffic this Sunday.

In the coming period, we expect more intensive traffic at Croatian airports, as the holiday season is approaching. According to the announcements, the biggest increase is expected around Christmas and New Year.

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