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Trade Air flying to Egypt, Portugal and Spain from Ljubljana

The Croatian private airline, Trade Air, will have all aircraft employed on charter and ACMI routes this weekend.

Photo: Gerhard Vysocan

This weekend, the Croatian private airline, which specializes in charter and ACMI operations, will have its entire fleet employed, all three A320 aircraft and one F100. The company will operate most flights from Ljubljana, on leisure charter flights to Egypt, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

This summer, Trade Air continues to operate on charter routes from the capital of Slovenia, in cooperation with its partners, travel agencies, Kompas and Palma.

In previous months, despite low demand, Trade Air operated for Slovenian tour operators on ad-hoc charters, but this weekend the traffic will be more intense.

A series of flights from Ljubljana to Egypt

This morning at 8 am, an A320 aircraft, registration number 9A-BTH, took off from Ljubljana towards Hurghada, a well-known tourist destination on the Red Sea coast.

The expected duration of the flight is almost 4 hours, and the Slovenian agencies Kompas and Palma are selling new arrangements for this destination with departures from Ljubljana again on May 1st and 8th. Today's flight is completely sold out.

Croatia Airlines will today also operate from Ljubljana to Hurghada with an A320 aircraft (9A-CTK). Yesterday the same aircraft flew between Ljubljana and Palma de Mallorca.

Trade Air charter flights from Ljubljana this weekend

On Sunday, April 25th, Trade Air will use the same aircraft (9A-BTH) on a new charter route from Ljubljana to Madeira. Madeira is an autonomous Portuguese region in the Atlantic Ocean, the only inhabited islands on this archipelago are the island of Madeira and Porto Santo. The full name of the airport is Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, named by globally famous soccer player.

Departure from Ljubljana is scheduled for 9 am, and landing in Madeira is expected after 5 hours flight time. The return flight is planned for April 30th, Slovenian agencies have completely sold out this flight as well! Kompas and Palma are offering new charter flight to Madeira scheduled for May 09th.

Third flight to Tenerife

On Monday, April 26, the third Trade Air flight was scheduled for the two mentioned clients. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the aircraft with registration number 9A-BTI will take off from Ljubljana towards Tenerife, the flight duration is 5 hours.

Trade Air operated on this route in the previous two months (February 21st and March 20th), so this is the third flight to Tenerife this year from Ljubljana operated by Trade Air. Travel agencies have completely sold out this flight as well.

In addition to tourism programs, the company will operate an ad-hoc charter flight on the Ljubljana - Eskisehir route, a city in northwestern Turkey with a population of approximately 650,000 people. The airport in this city has no scheduled regular flights. The F100 aircraft, reg. mark 9A-BTE will operate on this route, after ferry positioning flight from Zagreb to Ljubljana Airport.

Third A320 (9A-BTG) is flying from Pristina, capital of Kosovo, in AMCI lease for Air Mediterranee.

In conclusion, Trade Air will transport almost 600 passengers from Ljubljana on four charter flights in the next three days.

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