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Trade Air - flight resumption on domestic routes

Trade Air open sales today on many domestic routes in Croatia, which are under PSO programme. Croatian airports will be connected again starting from June 22nd.


Trade Air under the PSO program which expired by the end of March this year flew on domestic routes between Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik airports. Since that PSO programme expired, and COVID-19 pandemic has stopped regular flight operations, those flights were suspended until now.

The Ministry decided to extend the expired PSO programme until the end of this summer season, so domestic flights can continue to operate until the public tender for new PSO period is done.

Trade Air will start with regular operations from Monday, June 22nd, on the following routes:

  • Osijek - Pula route, twice per week, Monday and Friday,

  • Osijek - Rijeka route, twice per week, Tuesday and Thursday,

  • Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik route, twice per week, Tuesday and Thursday,

  • Pula - Split route, twice per week, Monday and Friday,

  • Osijek - Zagreb route, double daily, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Passengers traveling from Osijek to Rijeka can continue to Split or Dubrovnik, with short stop in Rijeka Airport each Tuesday and Thursday, while option to Split is also possible every Monday and Friday via Pula Airport.

Two daily flights (in the morning and at the evening) are offered on Osijek - Zagreb route, which means that passengers can connect from Osijek to many european destinations with one stop in Zagreb Airport. Same goes for travellers in opposite way, for those which Osijek Airport is final destination.

Trade Air will L410 aircraft with the capacity of 19 passengers, capacity is quite small so be quick with booking your ticket. Tickets are right now on sale with promo prices.

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