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Three busiest airports recorded a drop in passenger numbers in May

Given that it is the beginning of June, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik airports published their statistics for the previous month.


Of course, due to the impact of the pandemic, the numbers are incomparable with May 2019., but there was also a significant increase compared to April, when airports in Croatia recorded the lowest monthly traffic, for some of them almost lower than during the Homeland War period!

Zagreb Airport in May 2019. had a monthly traffic of 311,368 passengers, while in May this year 13,881 passengers were recorded. The decline is obvious, but a comparison with the previous month (April) and the announcement of airlines for the coming period gives us the hope that the numbers will increase soon, of course not to the level as it was in the previous year. We will probably wait for that until next or the 2022. season. Zagreb Airport had 8,000 more passengers in May than in April, compared on a month base.

Traffic also increased at Split Airport in May. If we take into account that in April this airport recorded only 6 passengers, the May result is good! 2824 passengers passed through the airport doors. Of course, May 2019. was incomparably better - 310,809 passengers used Split Airport in the same month last year.

Dubrovnik Airport had no commercial passengers in April, which is not surprising given that it was closed to regular passenger traffic. In May 2020., the airport recorded 3,997 passengers, while in the same month last year there were 315,037 passengers.

Zagreb Airport will record even better results in June, given that Croatia Airlines will fly from its hub to 11 international destinations, along with certain foreign airlines that will also fly to the Croatian capital. The numbers will be better in Split and Dubrovnik, many airlines have announced the restart of routes to these two coastal airports in June, the routes that will run can be found on our page under the category News.

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