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This weekend five airports in Croatia had international flights!

Compared to the previous ones, airports in Croatia recorded a larger number of international routes this weekend. A total of five of Croatia's eight airports had scheduled international (and domestic) routes this Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: Pula Airport

Air traffic is slowly recovering, as we approach summer, so does the number of international routes to airports in Croatia. The same thing happened last year, after the end of lockdown across Europe.

Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport on Saturday, April 24th, had a total of 5 international and domestic routes. Croatia Airlines flew two flights to Zagreb, Lufthansa operated two flights to Munich and Frankfurt, and EasyJet had flight to Geneva.

Routes from Dubrovnik Airport, 24.-25.04.2021.

This Sunday traffic was low. There was just one international flight from Madrid (operated by Iberia), while another two flights were from Zagreb, operated by Croatia Airlines.

Pula Airport

Pula Airport had low traffic this weekend, but this Sunday this airport had first international scheduled flight in this summer season, from Moscow, operated by S7 Airlines, as we announced it earlier.

Routes from Pula Airport, 24.-25.04.2021.

This Saturday and Sunday Pula was connected with Zagreb and Zadar by domestic flights of Croatia Airlines.

Split Airport

Among all other airports on the coast, Split airport had the busiest weekend. The following companies had two flights to Split this Saturday: EasyJet from Basel and Geneva, Eurowings from Stuttgart and Dusseldorf, Croatia Airlines from Frankfurt and Zagreb, Lufthansa from Munich and Frankfurt, and one flight of KLM from Amsterdam. KLM used a larger B737-700 aircraft towards Split this Saturday, while the A319 was operating on the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt.

Routes from Split Airport, 24.-25.04.2021.

Traffic is lower this week in Split as well. Of the seven scheduled flights, six were operated by Croatia Airlines; towards Zagreb, Frankfurt, Osijek and Rome. KLM also flew between Amsterdam and Split this Sunday with an E175 aircraft.

Zagreb Airport

Zagreb Airport was the busiest airport in the country. On Saturday, Zagreb had 14 scheduled arrivals, four flights were from Frankfurt and three from Amsterdam. In addition to Croatia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France, KLM and Lufthansa also flew to Zagreb.

Routes from Zagreb Airport, 24.-25.04.2021.

This Sunday traffic at Zagreb Airport was higher with 22 landings! Four arrivals were from Frankfurt (Croatia Airlines and Lufthansa) and three from Amsterdam (Croatia Airlines and KLM). Zagreb was also connected with Belgrade (Air Serbia), Vienna (Austrian Airlines), Kiev (Windrose), Paris (Air France) and Istanbul (Turkish Airlines). Croatia Airlines also operated to Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, Sarajevo and Zurich, and was the dominant airline at Zagreb Airport this weekend.

Zadar Airport

This Saturday and Sunday, Zadar Airport was connected to Pula and Zagreb by domestic flights of Croatia Airlines, and on Saturday LuxAir landed in Zadar on a regular flight from Luxembourg, which has been in operation since last weekend.

Routes from Zadar Airport, 24.-25.04.2021.

Other three airports in Croatia - Osijek, Rijeka and Brac, were without scheduled international flights this weekend.

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