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This weekend 36 operations between Croatian airports and Frankfurt!

This weekend (August 8th and 9th), just like every weekend in the peak of the summer season, Croatian airports were well connected with Frankfurt Airport. We are bringing detailed figures.

Over 70 million passengers went through Frankfurt Airport in 2019, ranking this airport fourth among the busiest airports in Europe (more traffic only at Amsterdam Schiphol, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and London Heathrow Airport).

Croatian airports are very well connected with Frankfurt, which we will clearly show later in this text on the example of this weekend. It should be mentioned that the number of weekly flights to the 3 busiest airports in Europe is lower than the number of flights to Frankfurt.

1956 available seats on the Frankfurt - Split - Frankfurt route!

This weekend, Split Airport had the largest number of seats offered on the flights to and from Frankfurt Airport. On Saturday, Lufthansa used an A321 aircraft with a capacity of 215 passengers (430 seats in both directions), while Croatia Airlines operated an A319 aircraft with a capacity of 144 passengers (288 seats in both directions). On Sunday, Lufthansa again used an A321 aircraft with a capacity of 200 passengers, while Croatia Airlines offered the same capacity on the route as on Saturday. However, this Sunday, Condor Airlines flew to Split with a B757 aircraft which has a capacity of 275 passengers, so just this airline offered 550 seats in both directions! In total: 1956 seats available just this weekend between Frankfurt and Split!

1752 seats available between Zagreb and Frankfurt this weekend

The second airport in terms of the number of seats offered on the route to and from Frankfurt is Zagreb Airport. As Lufthansa has not resumed traffic at Zagreb Airport yet, only Croatia Airlines operates direct flights on this route. This Saturday and Sunday there were 3 daily flights. Croatia Airlines used A319 aircraft with a capacity of 144 passengers on all flights, the exception was one flight on Saturday and Sunday when airline used 9A-CTN aircraft which has a capacity of 150 passengers. In total - 1752 offered seats on direct flights between these two airports.

Dubrovnik with a very good capacity

The third airport in Croatia in terms of connections with Frankfurt was Dubrovnik Airport. Lufthansa landed in Dubrovnik on Saturday with an A321 aircraft which has a capacity of 200 passengers, while Croatia Airlines was flying to Frankfurt on an A319 aircraft. On Sunday, Croatia Airlines offered the same capacity as the previous day, while Lufthansa used a smaller A320neo on the route, which has a capacity of 180 passengers. There were 1336 seats available on direct flights between Dubrovnik and Frankfurt.

Zadar and direct Lufthansa flights

This year, Croatia Airlines does not offer direct flights from Zadar to Frankfurt, but Lufthansa has resumed traffic to Zadar Airport, the route is operating on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturday, the A319 aircraft with a capacity of 138 passengers arrived to Zadar Airport, while on Sunday, the A320neo with a capacity of 180 passengers was used. In total, in both directions, 636 seats available.

Pula without direct flight on Sundays

As is the case with Zadar Airport, this year Croatia Airlines does not operate direct flights from Pula to Frankfurt as well. Traffic was re-established by Lufthansa, but only on Saturdays, so there was no direct flight between Pula and Frankfurt on Sunday. The Embraer E190, with a capacity of 120 passengers, landed in Pula on Saturday, so a total of 240 seats were available on this route.

Osijek, Brac and Rijeka without a direct flights to Frankfurt

Other airports in Croatia - Osijek, Brac and Rijeka, do not have direct flights to Frankfurt in this year's summer flight schedule. However, it should be mentioned that Rijeka Airport is connected to Frankfurt Hahn Airport with Ryanair, the route operated this is Saturday.

In conclusion, a total of 5,920 seats on 36 flights were available between the five Croatian airports and Frankfurt this weekend! Given that Frankfurt is a well-known European and world hub, the number of seats offered is no surprise, especially when the number of direct flights to Croatian airports has been reduced this year, many passengers are forced to transfer at some European airport to arrive in Croatia. The load factor on these flights is a completely different topic.

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