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The Zagreb - Zadar - Pula route from June 8th

Croatia Airlines will restart flights on the domestic route from Zagreb to Pula via Zadar. In addition to domestic flights to Dubrovnik and Split, this route will be active again from June 8th.

photo: Croatian Aviation

During the summer schedule, this route flies double daily, but at this moment service will be provided just once per day.

From June 8th the route will be active daily, every evening, departing from Zagreb at 9 pm and arriving in Pula at 11 pm. Of course, there is a stopover in Zadar Airport as well.

Return flight from Pula is scheduled for 6 am to Zadar, from where DashQ400 aircraft will continue to Zagreb. The schedule time of arrival in Zagreb is at 07:40 am.

Passengers from Pula and Zadar can connect to Croatia Airlines flights from Zagreb to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Frankfurt with the minimal waiting time. In the opposite way, from European cities to Pula and Zadar via Zagreb connecting time is too long.

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