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The Zagreb - Sarajevo route will continue to operate

Due to travel restrictions which are active from June 25th 2020., 14-day self isolation is mandatory for all passengers arriving in Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We received official statement from the Croatia Airlines, since the company operates flights on Zagreb - Sarajevo route.

"The Zagreb - Sarajevo - Zagreb route will continue to operate in next days, and Croatia Airlines will, like until now, adjust business model to the epidemiological situation. The airline is monitoring all instructions of relevant authorities. For all passengers of Croatia Airlines which are flying from BiH to Croatia, 14-day self isolation is mandatory.

At Croatia Airlines, we continuously monitor demand, the amount of reservations and ticket sales on all routes, and we are able to adjust the offer of our flights to market demand in a short time. Namely, additional restrictions on entry into the Republic of Croatia for passengers from Bosnia and Herzegovina can logically affect the demand, but such a decline in demand has not been recorded so far. One of the reasons is that at this time of year there is a much stronger demand for flights from Western Europe to BiH. In addition, we must also say that the flight departing from Sarajevo at 16:15 passengers can connected to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, London and Brussels (depending on the day of the week), and for these passengers no restrictions apply.

If we see significant changes in demand on any route, including the Zagreb - Sarajevo route, Croatia Airlines will adjust the flight schedule to the new circumstances.

All Croatia Airlines flights are still subject to all protection measures implemented by Croatia Airlines against the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which are fully compliant with the recommendations and instructions of public health authorities.

The company's decision of the mandatory wearing of face covers and masks during the flight for all passengers and the use of protective equipment and means for the entire crew (masks, gloves, disinfectants) and, if necessary, the use of goggles and protective suits is still in force. Also, all aircraft are regularly disinfected, in order to maintain the safety of passengers and crew at the highest level."

We remind you that Croatia Airlines operates on the Zagreb - Sarajevo - Zagreb route according to the following schedule:

  • from 22.06. to 28.06.2020.: 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun),

  • from 29.06. to 05.07.2020.: 5 times a week (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun),

  • from 06.07. to 12.07.2020.: 7 times a week (daily flights).

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