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The flying giant is coming to Zagreb tomorrow!

The flying giant, Antonov An-124, russian commercial transport aircraft will land to Zagreb Airport tomorrow.

Anotnov u Zagrebu, photo: Borna Filić/PIXSELL

Antonov mainly transports large cargo, such as locomotives, yachts and other various oversized cargo, due to its specific appearance and dimensions is an extremely interesting aircraft aircraft geeks.


This type of aircraft is not coming to Zagreb for the first time, moreover, his bigger brother, Antonov's An-225, the largest transport aircraft in the world, was in Zagreb too. We had the opportunity to see it last year in August, when delivered a diesel engine from the Smolensk nuclear power plant to Zagreb for overhaul. The plane spent a little more time in Zagreb because its landing gear broke during the preparation for return flight.

The An-124 (registration number UR-82029) will take off from the Chinese city of Shenzhen towards Zagreb, with a technical stop in Mazar-l-Sharif (Afghanistan) and Tbilisi (Georgia). The plane is expected in Zagreb at 12 o'clock.

Departure from Zagreb is planned for 2 pm, when the plane should take off for Leipzig.

Watch the video of our partner Fire2HR who recorded the last arrival of this type of aircraft in Zagreb.

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