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The first weekend of the winter flight schedule in Split and Dubrovnik

The summer flight schedule for 2019 came to an end on October 28th. The number of flights of commercial aircraft and seasonal routes has been reduced as expected as is customary in seasonal destinations. Therefore, we decided to take a look where people were able to fly from our two southernmost airports on the first weekend of the winter flight schedule.


Destinations from Split on the first weekend of the winter flight schedule, photo:

Split Airport had 11 incoming and 10 outgoing flights of commercial aircraft this weekend. Split was connected with 4 German cities, namely Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. From Croatian destinations from Split it was possible to fly to Zagreb. Split had the most flights to and from Zagreb, a total of 9 flights according to available information. As expected, most flights were operated by the Croatian airline. Croatia Airlines operated 8 inbound and 7 outbound flights. It was possible to fly to Zagreb, Munich and Frankfurt with a domestic airline. Lufthansa and Eurowings flew to Split as representatives of foreign airlines. Lufthansa had one operation on the Split-Munich route this Saturday, while Eurowings performed two aircraft operations towards Stuttgart and Dusseldorf.


Destinations from Dubrovnik on the first weekend of the winter flight schedule, photo:

Our southernmost airport had 10 incoming and 10 outgoing flights of commercial aircraft this weekend. Dubrovnik was connected with France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain, ie with cities such as Paris, Nantes, Munich, Rome and London. Of the Croatian destinations, Dubrovnik was connected with Zagreb, and 5 aircraft operations were performed between our two cities, i.e. 5 incoming and 5 outgoing flights. Croatia Airlines recorded 5 aircraft operations from Dubrovnik and operated all flights to and from Zagreb. Transavia, Iberia, Lufthansa and British Airways flew to Dubrovnik from foreign airlines. Transavia flew to Paris and Nantes, Lufthansa to Munich, Iberia to Rome, while British Airways connected Dubrovnik and London. So, as can be seen from the number of operations of commercial aircraft from Split and Dubrovnik, the winter flight schedule has come, and with it the usual reductions of all flights. For comparison, on the weekend of October 17 and 18, during the summer flight schedule, Split recorded 30 operations of commercial aircraft and 10 different airlines operated in Split. On the same weekend, October 17 and 18, Dubrovnik was connected to 10 different European destinations and 8 different airlines operated to Dubrovnik. All in all, the winter flight schedule is ahead of us and we hope that our seaports will operate as many scheduled flights as possible and that with the summer flight schedule in 2021, air traffic will return to the numbers at least from 2019.

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