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Split Airport will record 10 000 passengers during the first week of July

This weekend more than 10 000 passengers will pass through the Split Airport, this will be the daily record for this summer season.


Split Airport will record on the beginning of July (July 4th and 5th) more than 100 landings and takeoffs of commercial aircrafts, carrying more than 10 000 passengers to and from this beautiful city. During the first week of July, airport will register half of the June monthly traffic.

Split Airport is now connected with many european destinations, and just during the this weekend there will be direct flights to almost 30 cities across Europe.

Destinations from Split Airport (04.-05.July)

Even this is the modest number of passengers comparing with the same period last year, the increase of operations, destinations and passengers is huge in comparison with the previous weeks and months when there was no flights from this airport due to the pandemic.

Zagreb Airport will have less arrivals and departures than Split, while Dubrovnik Airport will have around 60 takeoffs and landings this weekend.

Zadar Airport will have around 40 commercial aircraft operations this week, mostly from Ryanair and LOT.

Rijeka Airport has a low traffic this weekend, during the Saturday there was just one Eurowings flight, while today there will be 3, first flight of LOT from Warsaw, one from Hamburg and one from Eindhoven.

Pula Airport will have 24 operations this weekend, Brac just one, while Osijek will be without commercial flights.

Lufthansa in Pula, A340 aircraft in the background

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