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Split Airport connected with 25 destinations, more routes to follow

Split Airport has published a list of confirmed flights until May 24th. According to the announcements, in the next 20 days Split Airport will have regular flights to 25 destinations.

Take off from Split Airport, photo: NSH Aviation

Split Airport records more re-established routes from weekend to weekend. According to the latest information, until May 24th this year, Split Airport will have regular routes to 25 destinations - 5 domestic and 20 international, which, given the epidemiological situation, passenger restrictions and low demand, is really good news.

Croatia Airlines will have the largest number of destinations served out from Split Airport - two domestic and four international. Croatia Airlines will operate regular flights from Split to Zagreb, Osijek, Frankfurt, Rome, Munich and Zurich. All routes are already in operation, except the Split - Zurich - Split route, where Croatia Airlines will make its first flight this season on Saturday, May 22nd.

Current international destinations from Split Airport

The second airline in terms of the number of routes in the mentioned period is Eurowings. The company already operates on two routes (from Stuttgart and Düsseldorf), while from May 22nd there will be three more active routes - to/from Hamburg, Cologne and Dortmund.

The third carrier is EasyJet, which currently has three routes to Split (from Basel, Berlin and Geneva). From May 22nd, this well-known low-cost airline will connect Split with London (Luton Airport).

In terms of the number of routes, croatian private airline, Trade Air, is in fourth place, connecting Split with Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Pula (via Pula to Osijek as well) throughout the year. The three mentioned routes will be in traffic twice a week, as usual.

Domestic destinations from Split Airport

In addition to mentioned airlines, it should be noted that the Dutch KLM will continue to connect Split with Amsterdam, LOT Polish Airliens with Warsaw, Austrian Airlines with Vienna, Lufthansa with Munich and Frankfurt, and Smartwings with Prague. All the mentioned routes are already in traffic. Vueling will also make another rotation on the route from Barcelona (May 8th), while all other flights by the end of June have been canceled and it is likely that Vueling will no longer offer direct flights on this route to Split in the summer of 2021.

Two airlines will make their first flights this season to Split Airport. The Latvian national airline, Air Baltic, will introduce a route between Riga and Split on Monday (May 10th). Flights are scheduled twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

Four days later, on May 14th, the Dutch Transavia will resume traffic on seasonal route between Paris (Orly Airport) and Split, which will operate twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays, until the last week of May.

This month (and probably the entire summer season), Split Airport will be the busiest airport on Croatian coast. In the period from May 4th to 24th, there will be over 200 aircraft operations. In the summer season of 2019, that was the usual number of operations during just one weekend, however, good news is that airlines are already restoring service to Split and number of direct routes is growing. We can expect re-introduction of other routes at the beginning of June.

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