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Spain's Iberia suspends Dubrovnik service

Yesterday, September 27th, Iberia made its last flight to Dubrovnik. This was also the only route of this famous Spanish airline to Croatia in this year's summer flight schedule. Under normal circumstances, the company, in addition to Dubrovnik, also operates towards Zagreb, Split and Zadar.


After the lockdown, the company first postponed the start of regular operations from Madrid to Zagreb, Split and Zadar. At the beginning of July (July 3rd), the Madrid - Dubrovnik route was introduced, firstly operating three times a week, two more flights were added in August, and the route was again reduced to three flights a week in September. The company previously planned to operate on this route in October too, but due to weak demand, this will not happen, so yesterday (Sunday, September 27th) Iberia made its last flight on this route for this year.

Iberia has previously left the possibility of launching the Madrid - Zagreb route in the winter flight schedule this year, but this will obviously not happen given that there are no more flights on sale.

Flights to Zadar and Split did not operate this summer season and their re-introduction is expected next year. The Madrid - Zagreb route in the peak of the summer season in 2019 operated almost twice a day. Prior to the pandemic, the company announced A330 wide-body aircraft on the Madrid - Dubrovnik route for September this year, but this did not happen for obvious reasons.

Croatian airports will not have a direct connection with the Spanish capital in the winter flight schedule.

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