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SF Airlines B747 coming to Zagreb

SF Airlines, Chinese cargo airline will land to Zagreb this Easter morning with B747-400ERF aircraft from Shanghai (PVG).


This Chinese airline will come to Zagreb with its biggest aircraft in the fleet, bringing medical equipment from China to Croatia. Aircraft is expected to land in Zagreb Airport at 9 o'clock in the morning. This airline has 57 aircraft in its fleet:

  • 14 aircrafts 737-300,

  • 3 aircrafts 737-400,

  • 30 aircrafts 757-200,

  • 8 aircrafts 767-300,

  • aircrafts 747-400.

All aircrafts in the fleet are exclusively configured as cargo aircrafts, SF Airlines is also the biggest cargo airline in the whole China. Landing is scheduled for 9 o'clock, on the route is aircraft with B2422 registration. STD from Zagreb is scheduled for 11 o'clock to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN).

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