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Scandinavian Airlines: 47 weekly flights on 7 routes to Croatia!

SAS Scandinavian Airlines has revised its summer flight schedule for the second half of July. According to the current announcements of this airline, there will be a total of 7 routes to three Croatian airports.

Since the beginning of July, SAS Scandinavian Airlines has been operating towards its three already traditional destinations in Croatia; Pula, Split and Dubrovnik Airport, and in the second half of this month the number of weekly flights will significantly increase.

SAS daily to Split Airport!

Just as it was before the outbreak of the global pandemic, this July SAS will have the largest number of routes and weekly operations towards Split Airport. There are already five routes in traffic, the number of weekly operations will increase in the coming days.

The Gothenburg - Split - Gothenburg route has been in operation since mid-June. In July SAS will operate on this route as many as 5 times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A320neo aircraft will serve on the route, with capacity of 150 seats per leg.

The Copenhagen - Split - Copenhagen route now operates daily, from the middle of the month two daily flights are available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so SAS will have as many as 15 weekly operations on this route! A320neo aircraft mainly operate on this route as well.

The Stockholm - Split - Stockholm route also operates daily. For example, on July 17th on this route SAS will perform as many as three daily flights, and on Sundays two, a total of 12 per week!

The Oslo - Split - Oslo route started operating earlier this month, from mid-July B737 aircraft (pictured above) will operate between the two cities 5 times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

From mid-July, one route to Dubrovnik is currently announced, the one from Copenhagen which will be in traffic four times a week; every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pula Airport will continue to be connected with Copenhagen Airport (increasing the number of weekly operations in the second half of the month, up to 4 a week), while SAS aircraft will operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, towards Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

According to the current schedule of this well-known Scandinavian airline, in mid-July SAS will have up to 47 weekly flights to and from three mentioned Croatian airports. It is still a significantly less weekly operations compared to the summer of 2019, however, it is to be expected that the number of weekly operations will increase further at the end of this month and on the beginning of August.

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