SAS increasing service to Split Airport

Scandinavian Airlines, well known as SAS, announced their schedule for July, the number of weekly flights to Split will be significantly increased.

As we announced on the beginning of this month, this airline resumed flights to Split from Copenhagen and Oslo in reduced schedule, just once per week from Oslo and twice per week from Copenhagen.

The airline decided to increase number of weekly flights and add one more route, from Stockholm to Split. SAS will connect Scandinavia with Split as follows:

  • the Copenhagen - Split route, from June 29th, daily (until now two times per week),

  • the Oslo - Split route, from June 29th, 6 times per week, except Thursday (until now once per week).

SAS will also add the Stockholm - Split route, from July 1st, with daily flights!

On routes from Copenhagen and Oslo the airline will use A320neo aircraft, while from Stockholm SAS will use B737-800 aircraft. A320neo has a capacity of 174 passengers, while B737-800 aircraft has a capacity of 181 passengers.