Ryanair will soon suspend regular operations to Croatia for this year

The Irish low-cost carrier will soon complete regular operations at Croatian airports. The company had big plans for this year, but due to the global pandemic, they did not materialize this year.

Ryanair planned to base 3 A320 aircraft at Zadar Airport and fly from Zadar to 33 international destinations across Europe. Ryanair's partner airline, Lauda, ​​chose Zadar, instead of Palma de Mallorca airport.

Due to the lockdown and the global pandemic and the large drop in demand, Ryanair and Luda abandoned this plan, and Ryanair returned to Croatia only at the beginning of July, with fewer routes than in the summer season of 2019. This well-known low-cost company operated this summer towards 5 Croatian airports: Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

As in previous years, Ryanair will conclude its operations to Croatia on the last day of the summer flight schedule (October 24th). In the winter flight schedule, this company does not operate towards Croatian airports.

This year, the company did not operate on several routes to Croatia (some were excluded from this year's summer flight schedule even before the outbreak of the pandemic), while on most routes there was a reduction in weekly frequencies.

The biggest surprise is the fact that Ryanair did not operate from Dublin and London to Zadar this year!

The following routes will be in traffic until the end of October:

  • Pula - Berlin, once a week (until 24.10),

  • Pula - Bruxelles, twice a week (until 23.10.),

  • Pula - London, twice a week (until 22.10.),

  • Rijeka - Hahn, once a week (until 24.10.),

  • Dubrovnik - Dublin, twice a week (until 21.10.),

  • Split - Dublin, twice a week (until 24.10.),

  • Zadar - Bruxelles, twice a week (until 24.10.),

  • Zadar - Cologne, once a week (until 18.10.),

  • Zadar - Düsseldorf, twice a week (until 24.10.),

  • Zadar - Karlsruhe, twice a week (until 24.10.).

Given the impact of the pandemic on air traffic, we can be satisfied with the presence of this low-cost company on the Croatian market this summer season. The question remains whether Ryanair will realize the plan from this year in the next (to base three planes at Zadar Airport), such a decision will primarily depend on whether we will live in "new" or "old" normal during the summer season 2021.

Ryanair has so far announced one new route for next summer season in Croatia, between Vienna and Pula. In the winter flight schedule, the company will fly to airports in our neighborhood, such as: Banja Luka, Vienna, Budapest or Trieste.

If you have traveled by Ryanair to or from Croatia this summer season, feel free to contact us with your travel experience!