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Ryanair resumed the Frankfurt - Rijeka route

Ryanair, one of the biggest european low-budget airlines, resumed flights on the Frankfurt (Hahn Airport) and Rijeka Airport.

Ryanair in Rijeka Airport; photo:Rijeka Airport/FB

On Saturday, August 1st, Ryanair resumed flights on the Frankfurt - Rijeka route. During the summer season 2019. the flights were running between Frankfurt's main airport and Rijeka, but the airline transferred a large number of routes to nearby Hahn Airport for this year.

Just 4 years old B737-800 aircraft (reg. mark 9H-QDB) landed to Rijeka Airport 10 minutes earlier than scheduled with 133 passengers (this aircraft has a capacity of 189 seats) which give us load factor of 70%.

At 5:15 PM aircraft took off from Rijeka back to Frankfurt with 70 passengers, numbers are quite solid for the very first flight in this summer season.

Ryanair will continue to serve on this route until the end of October (October 24th 2020.) with one flight per week (every Saturday) in afternoon hours. Rijeka was connected with Frankfurt with Condor airline back in summer 2019., but this carrier resumed flights to Split Airport only in this summer season.

Ryanair is offering two routes from Rijeka this year, one to Frankfurt (Hahn) and another one to London (Stansted). The London - Rijeka route is operating two times per week (every Monday and Friday) until the end of September.

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