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Ryanair closed reservation on 15 routes to Croatia for summer 2021.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Irish low-cost airline has withdrawn from sale 15 international routes to Croatia for summer 2021. Those are routes to Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Split Airport.

Photo: Piotr Mitelski

Ryanair has revised its flight schedule for the summer season of 2021 and has suspended sales on numerous international routes, including 15 to and from Croatian airports - Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Split!

One route less to Pula and Split Airport

Ryanair had Berlin - Pula and Vienna - Split routes on sale until the beginning of November, but those routes have been withdrawn from sale and it is currently not possible to buy tickets for summer flight schedule next year. Next summer, Ryanair will operate on several routes to Pula and one to Split (from Dublin).

Tickets are not on sale for BER-PUY and VIE-SPU route, photo:

Two important routes for Rijeka Airport are not on sale anymore

The company currently offers only one route to Rijeka Airport for the summer of 2021. The Frankfurt Hahn - Rijeka route, which also operated this summer season, is scheduled to operate next year as well. In 2019, this well-known airline operated from Frankfurt's main airport to Rijeka, which was a far better option for passengers than Hahn, 115 kilometers far away from downtown Frankfurt.

There are currently no routes from London and Brussels to Rijeka on sale for the next summer season, while the long-existing Stockholm - Rijeka route was canceled earlier. According to the currently available flight schedule, just Frankfurt Hahn - Rijeka route will be in traffic next year.

11 routes operating from/to Zadar Airport closed for booking!

Zadar Airport had, as we have written several times, big announcements from Ryanair and partner company Laudamotion for the summer season 2020. Due to the outbreak of global pandemic, most of the previously announced routes were not launched, but the company offered all routes for sale for next summer season, thus leaving space for opening a base in Zadar and huge expansion in Croatian market.

11 route to Zadar not available for booking, photo:

At the beginning of November, Ryanair withdrew 11 routes from sales to Zadar for the next year, the following routes are not bookable anymore:

  • Aarhus - Zadar,

  • Hamburg - Zadar,

  • Maastricht - Zadar,

  • Bremen - Zadar,

  • Toulouse - Zadar,

  • Riga - Zadar,

  • Kaunas - Zadar,

  • Liverpool - Zadar,

  • Cork - Zadar,

  • Dublin - Zadar,

  • London - Zadar.

Most of these routes were supposed to start operating in the summer flight schedule this year but that did not happen for clear reasons. Ryanair obviously has no plans to base aircraft in Zadar next year. It is even more surprising that there are no flights from Dublin and London to Zadar, these two routes did not operate this summer either, and in previous years the company had an excellent load factor on these routes and ticket prices were often high, especially in the peak season .

The flight schedule is available on the Ryanair website and is still, of course, subject to change. It has been confirmed to us from the headquarters of this airline that we will have to wait until January for the final flight schedule for Croatia for summer of 2021. Until then, we can still hope for positive changes, but this will certainly depend on the epidemiological situation and demand itself.

“The claim that Ryanair has pulled 15 lines to Croatia for summer 21 is not accurate as our summer 21 season planning is on-going. We expect to publish our finalised schedule for next summer in the coming weeks.” Ryanair official representative for our region stated for Croatian Aviation.

However, that is actually what we wrote, changes are still possible and we believe that Ryanair will soon open back reservation on many of those mentioned routes which are now closed for booking.

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