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Russian Aeroflot without flights to Croatia this year

Aeroflot has completely canceled the Moscow - Split route, which was scheduled to operate from August this year, there are no scheduled flights to Dubrovnik and Zagreb Airport.

Prior to the outbreak of the crisis, Russian Aeroflot operated daily flights on the Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport) - Zagreb route, both in summer and winter schedule.

The route was suspended at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic and has not been restarted until today, according to the announcements from this well-known airline, there will be no direct flights of Aeroflot between the two cities this year. The company plans to go through a major restructuring after the crisis, and according to current announcements, we can expect a direct air connection between Moscow and Zagreb from April 2021.

Aeroflot even announced the launch of its seasonal Moscow - Split route in August this year, airline tickets were already on sale, but given the regulations at the borders, it was expected that flights would be canceled, which eventually happened. The third route of Aeroflot in Croatia, the one towards Dubrovnik, was withdrawn from sale in March, so Croatia will not have a direct connection with the capital of Russia this year. In the summer flight schedule, the Croatian national air-carrier operates on the Zagreb - St. Petersburg route, but that route was also canceled for this year.

Aeroflot's last visit to Croatia was on May 2nd this year, when a B777 aircraft (photo above) landed at Zagreb Airport for the first time, transporting medical equipment from China via Moscow to the Croatian capital.

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