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Russian Aeroflot open booking for Split and Zagreb

Russian national airline closed its booking on almost all international routes, until July 31st. 2020. Consequently, routes to Split and Zagreb are suspended as well.

Photo: Fire2Hr

Aeroflot is a regular guest in Zagreb Airport, the route between Moscow and Zagreb is operating year-round, daily, with A320 aircraft in the summer timetable and Sukhoi Superjet 100 during the winter months. Aeroflot is operating all flights to Croatia from Sheremetyevo Airport. The seasonal route between Moscow and Split is also operating for many years now, mostly with A320 and A321 aircraft. Due to the current situation, the company decided to close its bookings on all routes until July 31st this year. On both routes to Croatia, it is possible to buy a ticket starting from August 1st! Route SU2040/1 will depart from Moscow at 10:05 local time, arrival to Zagreb is scheduled for 12:05. Departure from Zagreb is scheduled for 13:05, with arrival to Moscow at 17:05 which is great timing for connections on many routes in the Aeroflot network. Route SU2046/9 will depart from Moscow at 16:45 local time, arrival to Split at 19:05. Departure from Split is scheduled at 19:55, with arrival to Moscow at 23:55 local time.

Russian national airline is not the only one which decided for this long-term period of flight suspensions, many other airlines did the same, but it is a good sign that the company scheduled flights to Zagreb and Split from August 1st, which also one of the strongest months in terms of tourist arrivals in Croatia.

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