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Regular B747 freighter in Zagreb

As we announced before, B747 is operating regular cargo flights between Zagreb and Shanghai, which will be continued until the end of this month.

This aircraft landed very first time to Zagreb Airport on April 12th, carrying medical equipment from China. The second arrival was on Saturday, April 18th, but aircraft came just with additional cabin crew which will be rotated here in Zagreb on the next flights. One more arrival was on Sunday, April 19th, aircraft landed to Zagreb with 72 tones of medical equipment. Today's arrival is planned for 14:57 o'clock (local time), and departure to PVG is planned for 16 o'clock. There will be 4 more cargo flights on this route until the end of this month. Tomorrow FlyDubai will land to ZAG on its repatriation flight from Dubai, STA is 14:45 with B737-800 aircraft. STD from ZAG is scheduled for 15:45.

Etihad Airways will come to ZAG tomorrow as well, this time with B787-9 aircraft which was regular on ICN-ZAG route operated by Korean Air. Planned aircraft registration is A6-BLQ, STA to ZAG is 14:35, STF from ZAG is 16:35.

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