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Qatar Airways reduced Zagreb service to just one flight per week!

Qatar Airways has scheduled regular flights on the Doha - Zagreb route three times a week through October. Since October 10th, the airline has canceled numerous departures on the route to Zagreb.

Until October 9th, Qatar Airways aircraft will operate on the Doha - Zagreb route as planned, three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As of October 10th, the company offers only one flight a week, every Friday, while flights are canceled on Mondays and Wednesdays.

In the last week of October, from 26. to 31.10., Qatar Airways will not operate on the Doha - Zagreb route.

The company is offering three flights per week in November, but in fact it is already clear that all currently announced flights will not be realized. The question is whether Qatar Airways will keep one flight a week on this route in the coming months, or whether it will, like many other airlines, temporarily withdraw from Zagreb Airport.

A320 aircraft have been scheduled on the route, which has a capacity of 132 seats. In last year's summer flight schedule, the company flew twice a day to Zagreb in the peak season with 182-seat A321 aircraft, and now, due to very low demand, the route has dropped to just one flight per week.

Emirates is leaving Zagreb Airport!

FlyDubai also canceled Zagreb service?!

After the complete withdrawal of Emirates and its partner company FlyDubai, Qatar Airways remains the only carrier that connects the Croatian capital with the Middle East.

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