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Qatar Airways is coming back to Zagreb

Qatar Airways, national airline of Qatar, will establish direct flights between Doha and Zagreb from July 1st.

Qatar Airways is connecting two cities since May 2012., the route was first served with stop in Budapest, but due to high demand the company quickly switched this route to a direct one. The number of weekly flights and the capacity is just increasing in last few years.

The route was operating double daily during the summer season, with morning and afternoon departure from capital of Croatia, mostly with A320 and A321 aircraft.

Due to the pandemic situation, the route was suspended until now and airline will re-establish flights from July 1st.

The Doha - Zagreb route will operate 3 times per week, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with afternoon departure from Zagreb. A320 aircraft will be used on this route, which has a capacity of 144 passengers.

Since the airline is resuming flights to other destinations, passengers from Zagreb will have option to transfer with one stop in Doha to their final destinations in Asia and Australia.

As we reported before, Qatar Airways completely suspended all flights on Doha - Dubrovnik route which was supposed to start with operations in May this year. Airline is planning to introduce this route during the summer 2021.

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