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Qatar Airways and Air Transat postponed Zagreb service resumption

Qatar Airways did additional changes in its summer timetable. Even there were a few changes on Doha - Zagreb route already, in the booking system of QR this route is now reduced again.


Although Qatar Airways was one of the global airlines which tried to resist flight reduction for a long time, the company eventually declined and drastically reduced its destination network.

The last change, which has been valid until today, announced daily flights between Doha and Zagreb with A320 aircraft (afternoon departure from Zagreb) from June 1st.

Unfortunately, the service resumption has now been postponed to July 1st, with just three weekly flights with A320 aircraft. Qatar has made major reductions in its entire network, new planned routes for this summer flight schedule have been canceled (among others, the route to Dubrovnik as well, which was originally supposed to operate 5 times per week in the peak season). With this latest changes, Qatar Airways is planning to come back to Zagreb almost the same date like Emirates, which is planning service resumption between Dubai and Zagreb on July 2nd, 4 times per week.

Additional changes are possible, everything depends on global pandemic situation. Just as a reminder, before the outbreak of the pandemic, Qatar Airways flew between Zagreb and Doha twice per day with a narrow-body A320 aircraft.

Air Transat also decided to postpone the flight resumption between Toronto and Zagreb to July. The route should originally start from May with just one weekly flight, upgrading to three weekly flights from June. The company decided to postpone the start of this route from July 1st.


Air Transat route between Toronto and Zagreb is on sale 3 times per week from July 1st (Mon,Wed,Fri), from September 14th route will operate 2 times per week, and from October 14th until October 28th route will operate once per week. After this date there will be no flights between two cities until next summer season. The route will operate with A330-200 aircraft.

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