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Qatar Airways canceled flights to Zagreb until the middle of August

Qatar Airways has canceled all flights on the Zagreb - Doha route until the middle of August. Last few weeks flights were canceled few times on this route.

Qatar Airways resumed flights to Zagreb on July 1st this year, connecting Doha and Zagreb again with three weekly flights (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with the A320 aircraft.

Due to the low demand the airline was canceling some departures on this route from the beginning of July. Now all flights are canceled until the middle of August.

Service resumption is now scheduled from Wednesday, August 12th on this route, when A320 aircraft will fly again between two mentioned cities.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Qatar Airways flew double-daily on this route, with the morning and afternoon departure from Zagreb International Airport, but flights are now scheduled just 3 times per week, due to the low demand and pandemic situation.

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