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Qatar Airways again cancels flights to Zagreb!

Qatar Airways canceled again scheduled flights on Doha - Zagreb route, in the period of next two weeks. Airline did the same in July and August this year.

Just few days after our last article which was about the statistics regarding Qatar Airways flight cancellations on this route, the airline canceled all flights on Doha - Zagreb route for the next two weeks, until September 19th.

The airline operated regular flight yesterday, September 2nd, which was also the last one for some time. This route is mostly used by large number of tourists which are travelling from Asia to Croatia during the summer season (but also during the winter months) and those tourists are not coming to Croatia this year due to the pandemic situation. From the other side, many croatian and slovenian passengers used this route to travel to Thailand, Japan, China and other destinations in Asia, due to the low ticket price and good connectivity from Zagreb via Doha. The number of those passengers is almost non-existing at this moment.

From this mentioned reasons, Qatar Airways can't achieve satisfactory Load Factor (the ratio of the cabin occupancy) which leads to flight cancelation. As we mentioned few times already, airlines are now modifying its schedule up to 2 or 3 weeks in advance. Same did Qatar Airways by canceling all flights on this route in the next two weeks.

The main question here is - will Qatar Airways operate regular flights between Zagreb and Doha in this winter season? If the airline can't achieve already mentioned Load Factor and yield on this route during the summer months (July, August, and September), it is clear that would not be possible in the next winter months too.

If the airline decides to operate flights on this route, one thing is obvious - flight cancelation will continue to happen on a regular base until demand is back, which will clearly not happen in the next few months.

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