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Pula, Rijeka and Zadar records lowest passenger numbers

Airports in Pula, Rijeka and Zadar recorded a decrease in the number of passengers in March compared to the same month last year. Of course, the reason is the global situation caused by corona virus, and actually all airports in Croatia are suffering right now because of it, those three mentioned probably the most due to extremely seasonal traffic.


Pula Airport registered 681 passengers this March. Given that March is also the month when the airlines' summer timetable starts, numbers were expected to be better than last year. In March 2019, 1547 passengers passed through Pula Airport. April is expected to be even worse since the regular commercial flights are gone and we are not expecting them during this month. Rijeka Airport in March 2019. had 2220 passengers, which is more than neighboring Pula. This past March - just 292 passengers. Air Baltic has canceled the route to Vilnius for this season, which was announced and planned to run twice per week, LOT is considering canceling the route which was supposed to connect Warsaw and Rijeka once per week, but the decision is not confirmed yet. In any case, it is certain that this will be one difficult year for Rijeka Airport. Freighter flights that have flown from the US to the Middle East via Rijeka have also been canceled and have not been operating for some time. Those flights actually generated extremely good revenue. Rijeka Airport recorded its first 200 000 passengers annually in 2019. Zadar Airport in March 2019 had 2880 passengers. The number fades dramatically in this airport, with only 1,412 passengers in March 2020. Zadar had the biggest number of new routes scheduled to operate in summer timetable this year, Laudamotion, in cooperation with Ryanair, planned to base 3 A320 aircraft and connect Zadar to numerous European destinations, unfortunately, this will not happen this year due to global crisis. Many Ryanair's routes are closed for booking from Zadar for this summer season as well.

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