Poland introduces flight bans, LOT will cancel flights to Croatia?

Polan will ban flights from 46 countries, including Croatia, as of September 2nd, according to a draft regulation published on Thursday, as the country grapples with a spike in coronavirus infections.

Photo: Fabrizio Gandolfo/jetphotos.com

“Due to the threat of spreading SARS CoV-2 virus infections, it is necessary to exercise the right to introduce air traffic bans in order to minimize the threat to public health,” the regulation said.

Polish national airline is currently operating regular flights from many cities in Poland to 5 destinations in Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Most of those flights will stop operating by the end of this month (which is normal since we are near the end of this summer season), but LOT published its schedule for September and it was planning to operate 7 direct routes to Croatia during the next month:

  • the Warsaw - Zagreb route,

  • the Warsaw - Rijeka route,

  • the Warsaw - Split route,

  • the Warsaw - Zadar route,

  • the Rzeszow - Zadar route,

  • the Warsaw - Dubrovnik route,

  • the Krakow - Dubrovnik route.

All mentioned routes are still on sale on the official website of LOT Polish Airlines, but it looks like the airline will not have other choice than cancel all flights on those routes from the mentioned date (September 2nd).

Besides passengers who wanted to travel directly between polish and croatian cities, many transfer passengers will be affected as well, since the LOT is quite often used from passengers whose final destination is not Warsaw.

We requested an statement from the airline and we will publish it on our website once when we got the feedback from them.