(PHOTO, VIDEO) Special aircraft liveries

Airline industry is developing every day (in technical and any other way), and aircraft liveries are nowadays more simple than before. However, there are special aircraft liveries so we will write about that topic in this article.

There are many reasons why airlines changes their normal to special livery. Almost all fleet is in the same design and colours, but smaller percent of the fleet is almost always painted in special livery. We will explain way and show you cases, most of them you could see in Croatia.

Celebrating milestones and special events

The airlines are painting their aircraft in special livery to celebrate their anniversary, or some other milestone. The example is here; Korean Air B787 which has sticker "Beyond 50 years of Excellence" with special logo in order to celebrate Korean Air's 50 years in the service. We could see this beautiful aircraft in Zagreb Airport last summer season.

But, there are other reasons too, for example, Croatia Airlines changed livery on one A319 at the moment when Croatian national football team won 2nd place on the FIFA World Cup in Russia. In short time, aircraft got sticker "Bravo Vatreni".

Retro livery

Airlines are changing their livery from time to time, and that is really challenge for them (in operational and financial terms). Many airlines painted some aircrafts from their fleet into the old livery which they used years before. Those aircraft are always interesting for passengers, especially aviation geeks which really loves to see those liveries at the airport.

Aircrafts with retro liveries we can see in Croatia as well, here are some examples:

Aircrafts in alliance liveries

This is probably the main reason why almost all airlines have special liveries. To be more precise, in order to be accepted in alliance, airline must paint the specified percentage of its fleet in the alliance livery.

In Croatia Airlines fleet one A319 aircraft is painted in "Star Alliance" livery.

Here are few more examples of aircraft which have alliance livery, those we can see on a daily base in Croatia:


Some companies wants the advertise on the aircraft, mostly by using sticker on the aircraft, but some of them are ready to pay for complete livery change into the special one. At that moment, the aircraft is actually one huge commercial. Eurowings is probably doing the best job in terms of that, at least in the Europe.

For example, Kvarner Tourist board paid for a sticker on one Eurowings aircraft, so the A320 was promoting Kvarner region around the Europe for specific period of time.

State aircrafts

State aircrafts are always part of special liveries since they are not part of any airline and actually the country is the owner of the jet.

Air Force One in Zagreb, photo: wikimedia.org
Korean state aircraft, photo: wikimedia.org
Turkish state aircraft, photo: thenational.ae

Here is short, one-minute video from Croatia Airlines and their process of painting one of A319 aircraft. In March 2019. the airline started process of changing its livery, the biggest change is removing blue "belly" and painting it in white colour.