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(PHOTO) Jung Sky is breaking records this summer season!

Jung Sky, a private Croatian airline with a focus in business aviation, achieved the best results during July and August this year since its foundation back in 2009. Due to the corona crisis, the benefits of business aviation are recognized more than ever before, but the airline pointed out that behind the successful numbers is hard work and on-time decision-making from all relevant departments. Back in early May, the company highlighted many times in media their optimism regarding this summer season, presenting their know-how which was crucial for positive business results after the period of lockdown.

Photo: Damir Kovačić

The Jung Sky fleet currently consists of two Cessna 525A CJ2 jets with which their crews make almost 1,300 flights a year to more than 200 airports across the European continent and North Africa. It is a privately owned company of Krešimir and Vedran Jung, which will soon mark its 11th anniversary, and whose team currently consists of 27 members, nine of whom are pilots. The headquarters and base of the jets is Zagreb, although it is not easy at all to see their planes at General Aviation Terminal at Zagreb Airport, the reason is just one - planes are flying almost all the time.

The company recently communicated on its official LinkedIn profile that a record number of flights were realized in one month, during July this year.

Photo: Cropix

"We are glad that the optimistic prediction for business aviation that we talked about at the beginning of May proved to be justified," said Krešimir Vlašić, Director of operations, who joined the team in December last year, after 27 years at Croatia Airlines, where he held the position of Chief Operating Officer.

"We are satisfied with the current situation and I want to congratulate to the entire Jung Sky team on their exceptional efforts and commitment, not only in the last month or two, but also in the entire period since the pandemic was declared. The excellent figures we achieve today result in the systematic and thorough work of each department and nothing that is happening to us now or in recent months comes as a surprise. Immediately after the pandemic was declared in early March, a 'crisis' team was formed within the company whose goal was not to defeat Covid-19, but to learn to live and to do business under new circumstances. We prepared for this crisis thoroughly and on time, the idea was that forecasting and planning in advance must be pointed out and of better quality than ever before. Very early on, we placed our focus on proactive communication with all stakeholders which are part of our operations, including relevant institutions which are in charge for the regulation of air traffic in Croatia. The result is that after major decline in April and May, during the June, July, and August we came back on the same level where we were in the same period last year, despite all the problems which we are facing in the aviation industry, all the risks and economic consequences of the corona crisis and the uncertainty of what will happen with the coronavirus tomorrow", Vlašić said.

The company reminds that the summer months in business aviation are the most intense. The sales department processes several hundred inquiries per plane per day, and this year is not exception regarding the sales activities.

Inquiries did not stop even during quarantine in Europe, after the pandemic was declared each flight became a "flight for itself". Since then, the air traffic and border crossing rules are different between regions. Jung Sky was fully prepared which is also one of the reasons for their successful business nowadays.

In business aviation, day-to-day operations often depend on time-sensitive factors, Jung Sky says, and that can ultimately mean the difference between realized and unrealized flight. "And that is why quality and timely communication of all departments within the company is extremely important. This is a small team and the work of each department strongly affects the success of our flights", Krešimir Vlašić said.

Flexibility in time and travel dynamics, the ability to fly to almost any destination where there is an airport, passenger desire to avoid crowds and larger gatherings, personalization of travel and complete isolation during the flight are just some of the benefits offered to passengers by business aviation operators. For example, Jung Sky crews flew to 27 countries in July and August and landed at 89 different airports! It is interesting that the domestic airports in Croatia; Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar are located in the first 5 airports by flight frequencies, while Brač and Pula are in the first 20.

Although it is a Croatian airline, more than 95% of their passengers are foreign nationalities. The reasons for traveling on their planes are predominantly business, although this year they had an increased number of passengers who rented a private jet for tourist reasons. Business aviation has played a very important role in Croatian tourism, especially this year, and this is something that our tourism sector should seriously consider in preparation for next summer season. "Our service could be a great addition of the entire user experience of visiting our country, especially after replacing our fleet with larger and more luxurious aircraft" Vlašić said. There were a lot of business planes in Croatian airports this year. Jung Sky flight operation to the Croatian airports increased by 40% compared with 2019. and 140% compared to 2018.! In the best period (July - August 2020), the most frequent destinations of Jung Sky planes were Bratislava, Nice, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Vienna, Munich, Naples, Zurich, Sardinia, Malta and the Greek island of Mykonos.

Croatian Aviation wants to thanks the Jung Sky team for their time and all the provided information.

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