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On this day 30 years ago Croatia Airlines operated its first flight!

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the first Croatia Airlines passenger flight. The first commercial flight under the Croatian flag carrier callsign was performed on May 5th, 1991 on the Zagreb - Split route, which represented establishment of regular air traffic within Croatia, which was, at that time, still in the war.

Photo: Croatia Airlines

On the occasion of thirtieth anniversary of the first flight, all passengers on today's afternoon flight OU652 from Zagreb to Split were awarded a free return ticket for Croatia Airlines domestic flights of their choice.

After landing of the Dash 8-Q400 aircraft (registration mark 9A-CQB) at Split airport, a ceremony was held and Slaven Žabo, Director of Commercial Affairs of Croatia Airlines, on behalf of the company thanked all passengers for the trust over the past thirty years and pointed out how service quality and flight safety will continue to be priorities in the company's business..

There were 63 passengers on this special flight today

At place where the first passengers of the company arrived three decades ago, the importance of the Croatian national carrier in terms of traffic and economy was emphasized once again: "Croatia Airlines has been connecting Croatian cities and regions for 30 years. Even during these extraordinary circumstances, the company did not stop flying at any time, which is confirmation that Croatia Airlines represents a important role in Croatian transport infrastrukture and vital connection for tourist product. " Žabo said.

Photo: Croatia Airlines

In order to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the first commercial flight with all passengers, Croatia Airlines is conducting a special campaign from tomorrow, May 6th to Wednesday, May 12th, in which passengers will be offered a 30% discount when buying tickets for flights to all domestic and international destinations of the company. A 30 percent discount can be realized when buying tickets, and it applies to trips taken in June, while the return flight can be realized by the end of this year. The condition for obtaining a 30 percent discount is entering a special promo code during the booking and purchase of airline tickets, which we will publish tomorrow. The discount applies to the fare, while airport taxes and other fees remain the same.

The company said in a statement: It is important to emphasize that Croatia Airlines plans to further expand its route network from Zagreb and Adriatic destinations to European cities during the summer months, passengers would be offered trips to 18 European and 7 Croatian destinations.

From Zagreb Airport, Croatia Airlines will offer 14 european destinations: Amsterdam, Athens, Bruxelles, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris, Rome Vienna, Sarajevo, Skopje and Zurich.

Split Airport should be connected to a total of 12 foreign destinations during the summer season. For the first time, Croatia Airlines will introduce direct flights on Split - Prague route, on Saturdays, in the period from the end of June to the middle of September. Return airline tickets on this route are available at a promotional price of 139 euros. In addition to Prague, Croatia Airlines aircraft should connect Split with Vienna, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Lyon, Munich, Paris, Rome and Zurich.

Also, national carrier will operate regular flights from Dubrovnik to Athens, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Rome and Zurich, as well as from Rijeka to Munich.

In order to ensure connectivity and strongly support the tourism product of the Republic of Croatia, Croatia Airlines plans to offer more than 80,000 seats per month on flights from European destinations to Croatia during the summer season, and in cooperation with many tour operators more than 200 charter (extraordinary) flights are planned, mostly from Austria, Italy, Ireland, Israel and Scandinavia.

Connections within Croatia will continue to be provided by flights in domestic scheduled traffic between Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Zadar, Brac and Pula, at all times and on all flights by taking maximum care of passenger safety and adhering to current epidemiological measures - it is stated in press release of the company.

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