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Norwegian suspended Zagreb service

Norwegian Air published its schedule until the end of summer season and there is no flights to Zagreb, the Copenhagen - Zagreb route will not operate this year.

Norwegian Air, well-known low-budget airline with its bases across Europe, will not come back to Zagreb Airport this year. The airline normally operates regular flights between Copenhagen and Zagreb during the summer season, but now this route is canceled for the rest of this year.

The route was operating year-round, at the end of 2018. the airline converted this route to the seasonal one (just during the summer season), and now is completely suspended for the rest of this year, due to the low demand which is clearly the consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Norwegian Air earlier operated 2 weekly flights from Stockholm to Zagreb as well, but this route was suspended earlier, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Copenhagen - Zagreb route was operating two times per week, every Wednesday and Saturday. It is not clear if the airline will come back to Zagreb Airport next year, but we will continue to monitor their schedule.

Croatia Airlines operates regular flights on the Copenhagen - Zagreb route 7 days per week, with the A319 and DashQ400 aircraft.

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