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More flights between Zagreb and Amsterdam

Croatia Airlines and KLM operates on the Zagreb - Amsterdam route, both airlines together offers quite large number of weekly flights on this route.

Croatia Airlines is running daily flights on this route, connecting Zagreb and Amsterdam every day with the morning departure from Zagreb, which allows great connections for passengers via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

KLM is also running direct flights between two cities from the beginning of this month, right now there will be just 3 weekly flights during the July, with afternoon departure from Zagreb, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Croatia Airlines will offer one more flight, every Tuesday, from July 14th, with afternoon departure from Zagreb. In total, there will be 11 weekly flights between two cities, every day in the morning, while afternoon flights are available every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is expected that KLM will increase the number of weekly flights to Zagreb from the beginning of August, so the total of weekly flights between two cities should be 15!

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