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Luxair resuming operations to Croatia

Luxair, national airline of Luxembourg, announced flights resumption to its european destinations, including Croatia.

Among first, routes to croatian destinations will start soon, from June 20th, by connecting Luxembourg with three destinations in Croatia: Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

Luxair was flying on regular direct flights between Luxembourg and Brac Airport, once per week in the summer timetable, but this route is not on sale anymore and will not operate this summer season.

The company is introducing following routes to Croatia:

  • The Luxembourg - Zadar route, from June 20th, once per week, every Saturday,

  • The Luxembourg - Split route, from June 21st, once per week, each Sunday,

  • The Luxembourg - Dubrovnik route, from June 20th, once per week, each Saturday (from July 4th one more weekly flight will be added - Wednesday).

Luxair will use the DashQ400 aircraft on all its routes to Croatia, this aircraft has a capcity of 76 passengers. The company has a bigger aircrafts in its fleets (B737-700, B737-800), however, those aircrafts are not scheduled on routes to and from Croatia for now.

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