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Lufthansa to suspend Munich - Zagreb route!

German Lufthansa will suspend Munich - Zagreb route from December 1st! With the cancellation of this route, the company will temporarily leave Zagreb Airport. Just as reminder, the Frankfurt - Zagreb route was previously canceled until the spring of 2021.

Lufthansa re-launched the Munich - Zagreb route shortly after the lockdown, and initially operated on it three times a week, gradually increasing the number of weekly flights between the two cities. We remind you that during the lockdown, the company suspended traffic on the Frankfurt - Zagreb route and its resumption of operations was scheduled for March 2021.

The figures confirm how important Lufthansa is as a partner of Zagreb Airport - in 2016, this company had a share of 18.25% of passenger traffic, in 2017 slightly less - 17.45%

Lufthansa was expected to operate the entire winter flight schedule on the Munich - Zagreb route (the only active Lufthansa route to Croatia), the number of operations has even increased for November and daily flights are available, but from December 1st the company will suspend traffic on this route. Lufthansa will completely, temporarily, withdraw from Zagreb Airport, and consequently from the Croatian market.

With the fact that Lufthansa will cut off traffic on the currently only active route to Zagreb, and with previously canceled flights of Austrian Airlines, Eurowings is the only airline from Lufthansa Group that will operate to Zagreb Airport this winter.

53 years after the first flight to Zagreb, Lufthansa will temporarily withdraw from Zagreb Airport due to the global pandemic and low demand.

From Wednesday, December 16th, Croatia Airlines will offer daily flights on the Zagreb - Munich route, which will primarily depend on booking which, after the withdrawal of Lufthansa, could be satisfactory, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The withdrawal of Lufthansa from Zagreb is certainly a bad news, considering the direct connection with Munich, which as a hub allows the continuation of travel to numerous destinations in Europe and the world.

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